We have rescheduled the Katelyn Ohashi event to May 1, 2021

Children’s Advocacy Center of North Dakota

Our vision is that every child in North Dakota who needs it will have reasonable, consistent access to the full array of evidence-based Children’s Advocacy Center services and an effective, multidisciplinary response to his or her case and care.

Children’s Advocacy Centers were established in the 1980s to coordinate the individuals and agencies involved in the investigation, prosecution and treatment of child maltreatment cases and provide support for the child victim and their non-offending family members. 

Professionals from the child protection, investigative, legal and medical systems would interview the child separately and repeatedly in police stations and other environments designed for adults. Many times these interviews were done solely to meet the diverse and conflicting requirements of the agencies involved, rather than the needs of the child. Successful prosecution was rare. The victims seldom received the support and treatment needed. 

The heart of the Children’s Advocacy Center is a multidisciplinary team made up of six core disciplines: social services, law enforcement, medical, prosecution, advocacy and mental health, who strive together to make the process as comfortable and helpful as possible for the child.