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Where and when is the event with Alex Puccio?
The event with Alex Puccio will take place at The Crag 15115 Old Hickory Blvd Suite C, Nashville, TN 37211 on Saturday February 29, 2020.
What cause are we fundraising for?
 Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee
What is the fundraising deadline?
Fundraising ends Wednesday February 26, 2020 at 11:59:59 PM.
How quickly are donations credited to my Rock Climbing fundraising page?
Online donations are credited immediately (allow a few moments for payment processing).  Mailed-in donations can take up to a week to be credited.  Only online donations count towards weekly contests.  Mailed in donations count toward overall fundraising incentives!
What do I do with my fundraising link?
Email or text your link to family and friends and post it to your social media pages.
How do I log in if I want to update my fundraising page?
Go to and enter your username and password. Once you are logged in, you should be on your profile page and can update the information.
Can I register the entire family or do they need separate registration pages?
Each Rock Climber must have a separate registration.
Can someone donate by mail?
Yes. They can print this form.
Will I be in a clinic with equally skilled Rock Climbers?
Yes!  The clinics with Alex Puccio will be grouped by talent level so you’ll be in a clinic group with equally skilled Rock Climber!
How do I attend the Q&A with Alex Puccio?
Everyone who raises a minimum of $250 is invited to attend with 1 parent or guardian. The Q&A includes an opportunity for pictures and an autograph! Bring something special for Alex Puccio to sign!
How do I meet Alex Puccio for pictures and autographs?
Everyone who raises a minimum of $250 meets Alex for pictures and autographs!  Bring something special for Alex to sign!
When will I get my incentive prizes?
You’ll receive your incentive prizes at the event with Alex Puccio.
Are there any other prizes associated with this fundraiser?
We will be holding weekly fundraising contests for additional prizes. Check the fundraising website often!

Check out our fantastic prize lineup (with dollar amounts that must be raised to win each prize):

Raise money, help others, and score awesome prizes. It’s a win-win-win!

  • $125: Everyone raising $125 attends a clinic with Alex! You also win an event wristband!
  • $250: Meet Alex for pictures, autographs and Q&A session. One parent welcome!
  • $500: You've won a chalk bag, chalk brush and chalk presented to you by Alex.
  • $750: You've won a recycled pocket journal!
  • $1,000: Alex will present you a signed Certificate of Fundraising Excellence during the Q&A session.
  • $1,500: You’re taking home an autographed medal to show that you’re a fundraising CHAMPION!  Alex will autograph and personally present your new hardware during the Q&A!
  • $2,000: Bring an extra guest to the event!
  • $2,500: Make a thank you video with Alex Puccio to send to your donors.
  • $3,000: Have a picture taken of you and Alex Puccio to be posted on her social media site.

Go for the top! Our top overall fundraisers will win awesome experiences with Alex!

  • Top 2 will attend the private lunch – seated next to Alex!
  • Top 10 will attend a private lunch with Alex. Bring your questions, your camera, and your appetite!

Can anyone participate in the event with Alex Puccio
Yes!  Anyone can participate!
How do I get to have a private Rock Climbing clinic with Alex Puccio?
Top 30 overall fundraisers will get to participate in an additional private clinic with Alex Puccio.

All Rock Climber raising $125 will participate in a separate private clinic with Alex Puccio.
How do I get to have lunch with Alex Puccio?
The top 10 overall fundraisers will attend a private lunchwith Alex Puccio immediately following the fundraising event.
When I raise $2,000 what does my guest get to participate in?
You can bring anyone you’d like!  Your guest can watch your clinic but not participate in it. Your guest will meet Alex for pictures and an autograph, and receive the original artist’s rendering poster of Alex. If you are a top 10 overall fundraiser your guest will attend the lunch with Alex and will sit at the parents and guest table.
I lost my fundraising link!  Where can I find it?    
Lost your link? NO PROBLEM! Go to