Sophia Bella | Cheerleader Profile

Total raised: $400.00
Fundraising progress based on $500

Club: Xtreme Cheer
Hobbies: Cheer, Tik Tok, Theater
Favorite School Subject: Math & Art
Favorite Food: Sushi and Indian Food
Favorite Athlete: Gabi Butler
My fundraising message: Please help me raise money for the ASPCA! I really want to have lunch with Gabi Butler...I have watched her on youtube and this is my chance to hang out with her!

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If you donate $100, Sophia Bella wins a full-color framable, autographed REBEL poster!artist’s rendering of 2-time World Champion Cheerleader Gabi Butler!

Welcome to Sophia Bella's personal fundraising page!

Sophia Bella is fundraising with 2-time World Champion Cheerleader Gabi Butler to help Xtreme Cheer raise funds for ASPCA!

The more Sophia Bella raises, the more help Sophia Bella gives, and the more prizes Sophia Bella wins!

Raise money, help others, and score awesome prizes. It’s a win-win-win!

  • $100: Attend a cheer clinic with Gabi and friends, receive an event wristband and meet Gabi for pictures and an autograph and attend a Q&A
  • $200: Receive an official event T-shirt AND a commemorative Gabi Butler Pin! 
  • $300: Gabi will present you with a signed certificate of fundraising excellence AND win a Cheer Bow!
  • $400: You and Gabi will take a picture together, later Gabi will present you with the framed, autographed picture!
  • $500: Gabi will present you with a framable, autographed REBEL poster!
  • $750: Make a thank you video with 2-time World Champion Cheerleader Gabi Butler to send to your donors.
  • $1,000: Attend a private ONE HOUR clinic with Gabi and friends prior to the event!
  • $2,000: Pose alongside 2-time World Champion Cheerleader Gabi Butler in the official event picture that Gabi will post to her over 500,000 social media followers!
  • $10,000: You're an ALL-TIME Fundraising Champion! 2-time World Champion Cheerleader Gabi Butler will fly to your home town and treat you to a beauty makeover, a lunch with you, your family and a guest AND a private cheer lesson!

Go for the top! Our top overall fundraisers will win awesome experiences with Gabi!

  • Top 2 will attend the private Lunch – seated next to Gabi!
  • Top 10 will attend a private Lunch with Gabi. Bring your questions, your camera, and your appetite!
  • Top 20 will perform a mini cheer routine WITH Gabi!

Message Board

Good Luck Bouji Girl! - Jennifer Borer

To the best cheerleader EVER!! - Kelly Roberts

💕����💞��💕 - valencia culbreath

Proud of you Sophia for collecting funds for the ASPCA. Al - alfredo evangelista

So happy to donate to the ASPCA on behalf of my wonderful Granddaughter Sophia Bella. I love you! Mema - Linda Borer

Good luck sweetheart! - John Martineau